My boys are learning so much with this program. They learned all 50 states in a month. Now working on capitals and Europe. I have been trying to get them to learn through various methods to no luck, until Clever Dragons.
Mrs. Vogel, Clever Dragons Parent

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  • Even more topics covered (optional): Foreign languages (Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin), life skills, Bible, and Biblical studies. One new game every week!

  • Weekly progress reports sent to parents by email

  • New: 95% of the learning games can be played on the iPad!

  • Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps with learning games. Search for "Clever Dragons" in the App Store.

  • Smart Learning

    Clever Dragons hands out "virtual gold," or Gold Coins, to boys in exchange for practicing basic math, advanced math, geography, language arts, science, typing, and more. Boys use Gold to play fun games, build their castles in My World, and feed their virtual dragons and other pets on DragonWorld.

    Smart Learning levels help your child practice what he missed and when it's time to review so he always remembers the right answer. Research shows what parents know: practice makes perfect (and extra Gold makes learning more fun)!

    The ability to type on a keyboard is a lifelong skill. Our Ice Cone Machine is a fun typing tutor. As the student's typing skills improve he earns more Gold that he can spend in other games such as DragonWorld to care for his pets.

    Your Son Will Have Fun Caring for His Online Pets

    DragonWorld is an example for a fun game in which boys learn to budget their virtual currency and regularly care for their pets.

    Personalized Learning That Fits His Needs

    Based on the subjects you choose for your son, and building on his previous achievements, your son is presented with a set of individual daily Learning Path Challenges on Clever Dragons. Challenges are chosen from a broad array of educational games ranging from basic math to geography, science and languages, as well as a set of educational videos. Achievement medals are awarded for motivational purposes and to document learning progress. Try our 50 States geography game for FREE (and test your own knowledge).

    As an added benefit, Clever Dragons teaches your son basic internet skills in a safe and protected environment. Parents have the option to enable community features for their son, enabling him to communicate with his friends on Clever Dragons. He also learns to provide feedback to the contributions of his friends. For added safety, communication on the site is monitored and reviewed before it is visible to other users. And, as parents, you receive regular email updates about the learning activities of your son.

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    As a parent and teacher I LOVE Clever Dragons - and so does my
    Camille Taylor, Director Creekside Cooperative Charter School

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