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Clever Dragons is so much fun for him to play on and LEARN on! I love that I am able to let him log on to the game and not have to worry about giving undivided supervision because of crazy advertising or links that will take him to sites I don’t want him on. There are NO ads or distracting banners for him to click on.

This online program covers all the main areas of teaching: Language Arts, Math, Geography, History and Science. If your boys are anything like mine, sitting and “doing school” is super boring for them, this program allows them to learn while having fun!

My boys are drawn to electronic games and devices like a moth to a flame. I could fight it or I could use it to their advantage, when possible. Blogging has given me opportunities to try several different educational websites with my boys. So far, the one that has been the biggest hit with both mother and son is Clever Dragons, an educational website exclusively for boys.

Having the possibility to select the range is fabulous if you ask me! The games included in this online gaming world will cover multiples subjects – Language Arts, Math Quizzes, Advanced Math, Science, Geography & History, Music & Arts, Computer Skills, Foreign Languages, Religious Education (Christian) and Life Skills. You have the possibility to remove/allow access to any subject. 

Also check out the following quotes from reviews of Always Icecream, the "sister site" of Clever Dragons:

To just say that my daughter enjoys this website would be a huge understatement. [...] There is no advertising on Always IceCream. I see that as a big bonus. My daughter watches educational videos here without any distractions popping up in the sidebar.

  • “It's like Webkinz World, just lots more interesting, and I'm learning more.”
  • “May I play Always Icecream? I need to earn my gold medal in multiplication!”

These are quotes from my 10 year old daughter about our latest review for The Old Schoolhouse...Always Icecream. I think this one review where I can say there were no negatives!

Ok. This is the first online site I have become REALLY excited about in a long time. I think it must be because the site is founded by parents of five children, Swenja and Johannes Ziegler, co-founders of Yes, with five children comes wisdom!

I have heard many times, “Can I please do Always Icecream now? It's fun!”. Encouraging an enthusiasm for learning is a big plus in my book.

Let me just say, this site has been a WONDERFUL motivator...

...for my kiddos!

They ask to get their school work done as soon as they wake up so they can get done in time to play on the site!

If that's not a ringing endorsement, then I don't know what is...

Over the last few weeks the girls have enjoyed playing games that have helped them learn about human anatomy, math facts, geography (USA and Europe), dog breeds and Bible verses.

They have also enjoyed all the fun that they get to have creating their own people and rooms in the Mini World part of Alway Icecream. This is the area where they really get to create and have a great time! Computer Girl told me that this is her favorite thing about Always Icecream. Oh, and believe it or not she really likes playing the math facts games (which her mama really likes too!).

We have a new favorite website at the Hill Hangout. We were given the chance to review, and I can whole-heartedly say that both the mama and the big girl in this house APPROVE and LOVE! I know that educational/game websites are a dime a dozen these days, but Always IceCream has done it so, so right. When I say it is educational, I mean that your kids actually learn a TON from playing on it. And when I say it is fun, I mean that my child asked to write this review herself because she wanted to be sure I endorsed it well enough. She played last Sunday for two hours. When I asked her what she was playing (thinking it was a game) she said, “It's called Language Arts.” Alrighty then! Two hours of grammar never came so easy in this house.

I have to say that on further inspection of all this site has to offer, I am very impressed with the various types of learning games and the depth of learning!

There is SO MUCH on this website

Always Icecream is a great resource for learning and play when I do give my daughter FREE-time on the computer. The pricing is also quite reasonable.

One of the main cornerstones of our homeschool is to combine learning with fun, and I believe that the designers of the Always Icecream website have the same thing in mind.

My nine year old daughter really enjoyed it, and it gave me something to have her work on during a week where I had several sick children and got behind in lesson plans. I knew she was still learning and practicing concepts, and didn't feel as guilty as I would have if she wouldn't have had this to work on.

There is even a social element to Always Icecream. My daughter made friends with other children that were playing on-line and I felt comfortable with this as the website is very safety conscious. All comments are monitored, there are no advertisements, and search engines are blocked. The site is certified by Privo. There are also weekly parents reports so you can keep track of what activities have been done by your child and who they have interacted with.

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Always Icecream. My daughter absolutely loves it and wants to play it all day every day!

I have an (almost) 10 year old daughter who has special needs and I really worry sometimes when she gets on the internet. I mean, come on, I can't sit next to her every hour of the day, and we have already had some issues with things she has found online. What's even more frightening is that she is getting to the age where she will begin interacting online with others in some of the “social network” kind of sites. What is a parent to do?

Well, I now have a great suggestion for mothers of girls age 7-12. It's a site called Always Icecream that I had the privilege to review for the TOS Homeschool Crew, and I have to tell you I am definitely sold on the concept.

What a FUN place for little girls to hang out and play (and learn, but don't tell them!)

When Samantha gets up in the morning, she asks me what does she need to do so she can get done and play on Always Ice Cream. She has been hatching some eggs on there – from what I understand, she has quite the turtle farm!

She loves playing the educational games and earning more $coops (those are dollars or points you can spend on more eggs) She has gotten pretty good at watching the clock because the eggs hatch at certain times, so she knows she has to get back to them.

My favorite thing? NO ADS! Ugh, ads on kid's sites drive me bananas. There is a very popular preschool site that used to really annoy me with their ads. I'm sorry, but my preschool daughter does not need to know about adult hair coloring products! Nuff' said. I also love the extra measures implemented for safety and parental controls. I expect us to get loads of use out of our membership over the upcoming years.

For several weeks now, Kennady has been enjoying a website called Always IceCream. And when I say “enjoying” what I really mean is that she is LOVING it!

The Princess has been playing a new game online lately and she is completely enamored with it! I'm very excited to share it with you and your daughter because I think it can be a great learning tool for you. It's called Always Icecream and was designed especially for girls ages 7 - 12 by Swenja and Johannes Ziegler (parents of five!). Their goal behind creating Always Icecream was to uniquely combine motivation, learning AND rewards and recognition in such a way that girls WANT to learn and ENJOY what they are learning. And I would say it's working at my house!

My 7 year old daughter has been thoroughly enjoying Always Icecream. It is the first thing she wants to do when we start our homeschool day.

The learn and play section is very educational. There are games to help with typing, learning the states, math quizzes, synonyms, Bible quizzes and more! It's a great way to get some learning in without it feeling like learning.

We love this program! I found myself sneaking on so I could play! There is so much to do and learn here, and rather than being a program where each of my daughters was doing it solo, we were often crowded around the computer and enjoying the videos, word games, and all of it really, together. This is a great resource to have if you have girls within this age range. Two thumbs up all the way!

ALWAYS ICECREAM is the ultimate girly-girl website created especially for girls ages 7-12!

The graphics and beautiful, girly colors on their website are appealing to girls of any age. I have to say that because I loved the cheery atmosphere of it as well and I am just a bit over the recommended age limit. ;)

The best part of the whole package? It's chalked full of learning!

When I first heard about this site that was made just for girls....I sort of didn't see the point...but, after seeing how much fun my girls had on this site, I changed my mind. The creators of Always Icecream really seem to know what girls like...

I really like the large variety of topics available in the games and activities. There is something for my daughter to do no matter what subject she is interested in that day.

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