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Clever Dragons makes the perfect gift. Purchase a gift code and give a membership as a birthday or holiday gift.

We will email you a copy of the gift code which can be used to create a new pre-paid boys account on Clever Dragons or in the case of the Family Lifetime membership up to four accounts on both Clever Dragons and Always Icecream.

Parents: To buy a membership for your own child please click here.
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Two-Months Membership for $19.90
No subscription required. Pay with credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
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Annual Membership for $98.00
Substantial discount over monthly subscription! Pay with credit card, debit card or PayPal.
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Lifetime Membership for $219.00
Lock in this rate now and benefit from all future improvements.
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Family Lifetime Membership
Good for up to 4 children, works on both Always Icecream or Clever Dragons. Lowest per-child price.

Purchase an Upgrade to a Premium Parent Account

With an upgrade to a premium account, parents can set goals, unlock the dedicated assessment mode for learning games, monitor progress, and print report cards to systematically document achievements for their children's portfolio. Children still need their own, paid accounts. One upgrade is valid for any number of children accounts connected to the parent on Always Icecream and Clever Dragons.
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$99.00$20.00 off
April Sale
Save 20% off a Premium Parent Membership valid until July 1, 2019! Sale ends April 30.
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$219.00$70.00 off
April Sale
Save over 30% on a Lifetime Premium Parent Membership. Sale ends April 30.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are occasionally given out as special promotions. Discounts through coupon codes cannot be combined with other offers.
Do you have a gift code or coupon code?

On Clever Dragons, each boy needs his own account so he can create his own artwork, track his own learning progress, raise and care for his own pets and earn and spend his own Gold.
When buying a membership, parents create a free parent account to manage their child's account. Note: You need separate parent accounts for Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. Not sure which plan best fits your family? Call us at 650-714-3092 — we're happy to help!

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